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TiBolt - The American Made, Titanium, Bolt Action Pen
Ended Stage : A Design Event

My name is Brian Fellhoelter. I’m a Toolmaker from Arizona.
Some of you may know me from the many things that I make: Award Winning Pocket Knives, Pens, Whistles, Bottle Openers, Belt Grinders and various other tools and gadgets. Some of them can be seen by visiting
You might remember this project from a previous successful crowdfunding campaign.
If not, I’d like to introduce my first JumpStart City offering - I call it the TiBolt.
It’s an American made Titanium bolt action pen based on the bolt action mechanism I came up with several years ago.

Bolt Action Mechanism
Bolt Action Mechanism

The bolt action is becoming a pretty popular mechanism, with many folks using it lately in one form or another.

The TiBolt has already won an award for the Best Non Knife Accessory at the 2012 Usual Suspect Network’s Gathering against some pretty stiff competition, including pens from a well known manufacturer and a custom pen maker. Enough about that, let’s get down to what I am offering.

What we have here is the latest iteration of the pen that I have been making for years, but with several improvements. Instead of just one guy, the TiBolt will now be built by an experienced team of American craftsmen.

Cap, Tip, Pocket Clip, Ball and Shaft, Stylus Nib and Carrier
Cap, Tip, Pocket Clip, Ball and Shaft, Stylus Nib and Carrier

First, the TiBolt is 100% Titanium. Everything is Titanium except the ink cartridge, the spring, the O-ring, and the stylus nib.

The Body? Titanium.
The Tip? Titanium.
The Bolt? Titanium.
The Ball and Shaft? Titanium.
The Custom Made Torx Screws, Cap, Pocket Clip, and even hidden parts? You got it, all Titanium.

If it can be Titanium, it is.
Why? Because Titanium is a light but strong material and is just really cool, that’s why.
It may be an expensive and difficult material to work with but I make a lot of things out of Titanium even if they don’t need to be.
All the Titanium parts of the TiBolt, with the exception of the body, are Grade 5, 6AL-4V. The body itself is Grade 9, 3AL-2.5V. It’s tougher to work with than the Grade 1-4 commercially pure stuff, but all the cooler for it.


TiBolt Specs:
Diameter: 11 mm (7/16”)
Length: 139 mm (5-15/32”), Stylus Nib adds 3 mm (1/8”) to Length
Weight: ~42 g or 1.5 oz
Finish: Stonewashed

Stylus Nib – Great on Touchscreens for your Tablets and Smartphones
Stylus Nib – Great on Touchscreens for your Tablets and Smartphones

Second, one of the great options for the TiBolt is to add a Stylus Nib to the end of it. Made from capacitive silicone, the Stylus Nib works great on the touchscreens for your tablets and smartphones. It works a lot better than my fat fingers do, that’s for sure. The Stylus Nib is held in place with the pocket clip screwed into a hidden Titanium carrier. This carrier doesn’t need to be Titanium as you can’t even see it, but it is.

Fisher Space Pen Ink Cartridge Included
Ink Cartridge Included, though it will be a different model than the one pictured.

Third, I simplified and improved the TiBolt to now accept Parker style refills. The new design also eliminates the need for any tools to change the ink refills. To swap refills, simply unscrew the tip, remove the old one and replace with a new one. Screw the tip back on and you’re back in business. The TiBolt will arrive already loaded with ink because it’s just silly to receive a pen that doesn’t work right out of the box. Each TiBolt will ship with a Schmidt Easy Flow 9000 ink cartridge. For those that prefer a different ink refill, you can replace it with any of the wonderful Parker format refills widely available all around the world. The tip includes an O-ring to provide friction and keep it from inadvertently unscrewing on you during the incessant playing you WILL do with this pen.

Finally, there are now Four distinct versions of the TiBolt.
Two regular versions, AND Two decorated versions!
There is a regular version with a solid cap, and a regular version with the stylus nib.
There is a decorated version with a solid cap, and a decorated version with a stylus nib.
It's your pen, configure it the way you want it!

The TiBolt is addictive. You will find yourself cycling the bolt action mechanism through its paces repeatedly. Annoy your friends and family as you obsessively Click and Thwack the bolt while thinking, reading, watching TV, etc… I know I do, as do many of my past customers.
The TiBolt is a high quality, American made pen that feels great in your hand.
You will write with it, and you will play with it, and I am sure you will enjoy it.

The TiBolt is Manufactured Here in the USA
The TiBolt is Manufactured Here in the USA

The TiBolt is American Made.


All the work for the TiBolt is being done right here in the USA. This is important to me as I am a big fan of keeping America employed. Not only is it American made, it’s made by myself and my friends, in our own studios and shops. We are professional knife/gadget makers, and are pretty good at what we do. I have a good, solid, conscientious team assembled ready to build your TiBolt.


Why Am I Here on JumpStart City?


My first foray into crowdfunding was spectacularly successful, in terms of the amount of pens ordered.
However, due to manufacturing difficulties, lost material, and expenses out of my control, the first offering of the TiBolt just did not generate enough revenue to become a self sustaining project.
So I am back to try it again, and rectify that situation!
The bugs are worked out, the manufacturing system is proven and in place, and we are ready to rock and roll.
We just need your help in financing one more round.
As a thank you for your help, we will be offering the TiBolt to JumpStart City at a discount from the normal retail price one last time.
Now is your chance to own the pen you have been lusting after for months, or days, or minutes if you have just learned about it...

There is a surprisingly large, and growing demand for this pen, and I just do not have the funds to manufacture as many as I need to get the price down.

I am not a guy who likes to be in debt, so I would really rather not take out a line of credit to get these done, and I don't want my vendors to have to wait for payment either.
So, here we are.

You get a great deal, on an outstanding American Made Pen, and American manufacturers get to keep working, and keep getting their wages and bills paid.

I also really want to help Jump Start City get off to a good start, as I feel the world is ready for a different model than the one we are accustomed to.
More venues for the creative types to use is better for everyone I think.
And the folks here at Jump Start City seem to be more eager to allow a larger variety of items than some of the other sites do.
I personally have several other projects in mind, that simply do not fall into the guidelines of the other big players, and I know many others are in the same boat.

It's a win for everyone!
Standard TiBolt (Left) and Decorated TiBolt (Right)
Standard TiBolt (Left) and Decorated TiBolt (Right)

The material for 1000 pens is already on hand, paid for, and running at the machine shop.
Expected delivery on those parts is late-July to mid-August.
With the time required to finish manufacturing the pens in my shop, we anticipate shipping 100% of up to 1000 pens by the end of September or early October.
In the event that we blow through that number, I will have a 90 day lead time on making more but will be doing every thing I can to make sure they are in hand in time for Christmas!
I missed my Christmas delivery last year, but we have a firm handle on the project now.
More material will be ordered just as soon as it becomes apparent that it will be needed.
I won't be waiting on payment to do that.

So, there you have it, the TiBolt Re-Booted.

 Thanks for your time in making it this far, and I sure hope that I have captured your interests and desires enough to convince you that you need a TiBolt in your life!

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TiBolt - The American Made, Titanium, Bolt Action Pen

The American Made, 100% Titanium, Bolt Action Pen with optional Capacitive Stylus Nib!
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